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Microservice-Based Applications - Code It Up Online Vol. 2

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SUPPORTED BY INDEAVR - INDEAVR is a technology services company focused on the Digital, Data, Cloud and Advanced Software Engineering expertise. We provide services and craft strong R&D practices for some of the world’s most innovative companies. For 15 years INDEAVR has enabled clients to meet progress milestones, optimize operational performance, achieve and sustain corporate excellence, and effectively manage people, process and technology. Table of contents: - About Code It Up - Why Microservices? - Microservices Architecture - Data in Microservices - The Bounded Context - Logical VS Physical Architecture - Distributed Data Challenges - Identifying Boundaries - The API Gateway - Communication - Containers - Orchestration - Other Considerations - Avoiding Disasters Join my mentorship program on Patreon: 👈 C# Multithreading - Code It Up Workshop Vol. 1: 👈 Domain Driven Design With ASP.NET Core - Code It Up Workshop Vol. 2: 👈 You can support me and my projects via PayPal: 👈 Revolut is also an option: @ivaylowrlt 👈 Other ways of support: - On Open Collective: - Via Buy Me A Coffee: - Crypto: GitHub Repository: Supported by Zühlke Engineering - Zühlke is here to help you transform your vision from a smart idea into a resounding market success. Supported by Noble Hire - Noble Hire е платформа за IT обяви за работа от подбрани технологични компании, където, освен че можеш да кандидатстваш, можеш и да препоръчваш твои познати и да получиш бонус от порядъка на 5-10,000лв. в случай, че бъдат наети.
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